Sunday, 12 April 2009

Vivienne Westwood 1999 A/W Collection

Color Analysis

Color Scheme :
- Complemntary Color scheme ( Blue&Orange )
- Analogous Color Scheme ( Red & Orange )

I think Vivienne Westwood use fuuny way to present her color ideas in this collection.
She even paint the face of the models to make a contract with the colthes,
e.g. Models face were painted in blue and wore orange dress to create the Complemntary Color effect.

Complemntary Color effect. ( Bleu & Orange )

Vivienne Westwood use a blue belt matcheing with the orange dress to creat a Complemntary Color effect.

This model 's face was painted in red and wore a orange scarf to creat a Analogous Color effect.

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