Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Class Ex.

I think that the target customer is young lady , and the new arrivals are mainly blue and blue-green color, therefore I use orange as the key color of this fashion boutique so as to create the complementray color effect and thus the product can be easily figure out and can beed seen by the customers.
Apart from the new arrivals, the other products are mainly in Pink color and red color, this is the another reason that I use orange as a key color of the fashion boutique , since this can create the analogous effect. Besides, I use a light yellow pegment to paint the wall , which can also create the analogous effect with orange .
Overall, these color can create a harmony and attractive color effect of this fashion boutique .

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Class Ex. : Burberry Color pattern

The Ordinary Burberry check is using Achomatic Color Scheme ,
Thepattern is using blacks , whites and grays as the basic color , and dark red and khaki are added to create a brighter effect.

The Pink Burberry is using Mono-chromatic Color Scheme , which is using different value of one Hue.

Since Burberry Color Patterns are based on the Color Scheme , therefore the patterns can create a harmonious effect.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Colour Theories :

Psysical or Light
Pigment , artisit's or graphic
Psyshological or Visual

Colour :
Primary - Red , Yellow , Blue
Secondary - Orange , Green , Voilet
Tertiary - One primary colour & one secondary colour mixed together

warm colour - aggressive colour
Cool colour - Receding colour

Hue - simply the colour in its most basic sense
Chroma - The brightness or dullness of a color.
Value - The lighting of darkness of colour

Examples - Ikea using difference hue but the same level of intensisty

Colour Wheel :

Colour Theory :

Mono - chromatic colour scheme
Analogus ous colour scheme
Achromatic Scheme
Complementart Colours Scheme
Analogous & Complimentary Colour Scheme
Splir Complementary Scheme
Double omplimentary Colour Scheme ( Dail )
Triadic Colour Scheme


Class Exercise

Before learning the colour theories :

After learning the colour theories :

Friday, 6 February 2009

Vivenne Westwood Interviews :

Vivienne Westwood for Nine West Interview
It is a interview about the crossover of Vivienne Westwood and Nine West,
We can see the Dresses and Shoses of the crossover in this video ,
and Westwood said : " I never have anybody telling me what to do , I just always have to like the clothes I do ! " Her words really imprised me a lots !

Vivienne Westwood - 1990 documentary - Part1 & Part 2

Vivienne Westwood explains that England must return to civilized paganism, and discusses the importance of sex, plaid, and traditional tailoring techniques.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Class Exercise :

Schoolmate A -- Wince
Lifestyle : Mix & Match , Relaxing , Classic
Mass Customization : H&M, i.t. Vivienne Westwood
Colour Preferences : Black , White , Pink , Voilet

Schoolmate B -- Doris
Lifestyle: minimalism
Mass Customization: converse shoe
Color Preference: white, gray , deep blue

Schoolmate C: Candy
Lifestyle: causal
Mass Customization: converse shoe, H&M
Color Preference: pink, black, white, gray