Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Colour Theories :

Psysical or Light
Pigment , artisit's or graphic
Psyshological or Visual

Colour :
Primary - Red , Yellow , Blue
Secondary - Orange , Green , Voilet
Tertiary - One primary colour & one secondary colour mixed together

warm colour - aggressive colour
Cool colour - Receding colour

Hue - simply the colour in its most basic sense
Chroma - The brightness or dullness of a color.
Value - The lighting of darkness of colour

Examples - Ikea using difference hue but the same level of intensisty

Colour Wheel :

Colour Theory :

Mono - chromatic colour scheme
Analogus ous colour scheme
Achromatic Scheme
Complementart Colours Scheme
Analogous & Complimentary Colour Scheme
Splir Complementary Scheme
Double omplimentary Colour Scheme ( Dail )
Triadic Colour Scheme


Class Exercise

Before learning the colour theories :

After learning the colour theories :

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